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Pottery, Canvas, Clay, Gift Cards & More!

We are excited to offer to go options for our customers!

We have been able to pivot and provide pottery, girl scout badge projects, canvas kits, mosaics, paint by number, wood board projects, and clay sculpting in to go kits for our community.  All orders can be packaged and available for curbside pick up OR for home delivery for a $5 fee (within our  12 mile delivery area). 

How to order To Go Items:   

Please visit us in person where you can choose from 1000s of items that we will package for you to take home. Or visit our online store where we feature our most popular items —  by clicking here.  We are adding more items to our online store every day. 

All to go kits include the project piece, supplies, paints, and instructions. Everything you need to do the same project at home that you would in the studio!

Projects include Pottery, Canvas, Paint by Number, Clay Sculpting, Wood Board, Mosaics, Mixed Media and more.  All are listed on our online store by category.

Glazes vs Acrylic:

Please note when you are ordering if you would like glazes (to be fire in our kiln with that glassy/shiny finished look OR Acrylic paints that are quick and easy – one and done and are not returned to our studio to be fired. Acrylic and glaze paints can not be mixed or used on the same piece. So, please be careful and use only the paints you want on the piece. Again – don’t use both on the same piece as acrylic melts and ruins the pieces when fired in the kiln.  Both styles of paint are great – but you just have to use them in the correct way to get the ultimate results.


We have staff on site to help you with your purchases for curbside pick up during regular business hours.  We will be available by phone for you to ask questions.  Please call us at (847) 540-7772.  M-F 11 am – 7 pm, Sat 10 am – 7 pm, and Sun 12 – 4 pm. 

Classes or Events: 

We have several live classes and events taking place.  If you are interested in joining one of our live classes from the comfort of your home, let us know and we can place your items in a to go kit.   See our events on our home page of this website or check out our events on Facebook. Plus, all of our fall line up is listed online from wheel throwing, clay sculpting, painting classes and kids night out!  Click here to reserve your spots!

Gift Cards:  

You may also support our local business by purchasing a gift certificate for use at a later time by clicking here.  Gift certificates are a great gift item and never expire!

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Painted Plates
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