Kids Love A Party at Clay Monet!

All kids love making their own personal masterpiece. Have a party and let them create -- with no mess for you to clean up afterwards! Call and ask for availability and/or more details.


Please book online OR call the studio to book your party.  

To-go parties are available.  (These parties will not include a customized handprint plate, and will not be charged a service fee.)

Parties are held in studio Weekdays (anytime), Saturdays at 10, 12, 2, 4, and 6 and Sundays at 12, 2, and 4. 

Private parties (those closed to the public) available upon request for after regular business hours only with a minimum of a $300 party.  A rental fee will be applied for private parties when the party does not meet the $300 minimum.

Not ready to schedule yet, and you have a few questions?  Please call the studio with any questions at 847-540-7772.

Parties price Includes:

  • Minimum 8 guests / maximum 36
  • Fun big party table for 90 minutes in studio or 'to-go' party package
  • Extended hours of operation (upon request with a $300 minimum retail bill)
  • Our gift to you  is one complimentary hand and thumb print customized party plate for the birthday girl/boy with each of the guest's thumb print. Complimentary only with paid parties (Groupon parties not included) of 8 or more guests - a $26 value
  • Additional customized hand/thumb print plates are $26 each
  • All painting supplies including 14 party paint colors, glazing, firing, wrapping, bagging and tagging each guest's item.
  • $100 fee for additional time up to one hour. Each additional hour is $100 per hour.

 Additional information/requirements:

  • No walk in parties allowed - all parties must have a reservation
  • Credit card required to book the party.
  • 48 hour cancellation policy.  (Read the 2019 booking policy before scheduling.)
  • 15% service fee
  • Party Host to pick up all bagged fired party pieces in 7 - 10 days
  • Selections pending availability - special orders require up to 4 weeks
  • Space is limited and reserved for painting guests only (standing room only for parents, grandparents, etc)
  • Strongly recommend limiting the number of adults staying for the party to no more than 4 adults
  • Studio seating and tables that are not reserved for the party are to remain open for our other painting patrons
  • Party times are as follows: Weekdays: any time, Sat: 10, 12, 2, 4. 6   Sun: 12, 2, 4
  • There is no refrigerator on site for party use
  • Outside food and drink allowed for all parties and you will need to supply your own paper and cutlery goods for the party.  We do not "serve food" nor have serving utensils on hand. Please be prepared to serve your own food as our primary focus for helping with the party is to service the guests with their pottery painting needs, decorating the birthday party custom plate, and clearing the tables so you may enjoy any food you bring for your event.   
  • A shelf 2' x 10' is available to hold your food, presents, favors, purses and so on
  • Balloons are welcome - please note we have very high ceilings so hold on to your balloons upon entering :)
  • There are coat racks in the front and back doors of the studio
  • There is plenty of parking in the front, side, and back of the studio along with front and back door entrances for your convenience
  • Parking is also available in our landlord's parking lot, next door at Goodyear
  • Our standing studio policy for the breakage of item is to add the item to your bill at half price.  The broken item due to sharp edges will be discarded.

A FABULOUS ADD-ON to your Party!

Checkout our Cupcake & Paint Parties!

Starting at $22 - $32 per child + 15% service fee (minimum of 8 guests)

Select the party type: A ($14), B ($18), A/B, C ($24) or Wheel and add an additional $8 pp to your party package price for this one of a kind total party package.

  • Recommended for age 4 and up
  • For the first part of the party, your guests will choose from our fabulous party painting or wheel throwing packages with over 100 items! (all selections pending availability)
  • For the second part of the party, our baker will deliver their gourmet cupcakes and your party guests will learn how to decorate your vanilla, chocolate, or confetti cupcake with all the fixings! All you need to bring are the napkins and beverages.

Wheel throwing party

Children's Wheel Throwing Party:

$40 per person + 15% service fee 

(Minimum of 8 guests/maximum 12 guests -  $52 value)
2 hours total - 45 minutes instructional wheel throwing lession while creating your own pot on the pottery wheel followed by 45 minutes of painting a tile - plus 30 minutes for time to eat and visit - return in two weeks as a group or at your leisure to paint your clay masterpiece.


price per piece plus paint and brushes on loan

Paint at your leisure at a choice of your leisure. You choose the pieces for your at home party. We will package them for you to take home along with 4 paint color selections for you to paint at your leisure (either at your own party or on rainy days).  A $25 deposit is required for the supplies as a credit card hold.  A $5 fee per item will be charged for items not returned to the studio (paint brushes, bowls, paint trays, bottles of glaze - return all bottles - empty or partially full). 

Nonprofit group painting events may only be held weekdays and must pay by check or cash in order to receive discounted rates.




Children's Package A:

$14 per child + 15% service fee (Minimum of 8 guests)

  • Recommended for age 8 and under.
  • Choose from over sixty 3-5” figurines, 4” or 6” tiles - or select a theme

Children's Package B:

$18 per child + 15% service fee (Minimum of 8 guests)

  • Recommended for age 7 and up
  • Choose from over sixty 4-9” figurines, mugs, bowls, boxes, or salad plates. Select a theme  (DIVA, PRINCESS, DINO,  CARS, PLANES, TRUCKS, ANIMAL, etc) including our tie dye plate theme or let your guests choose! Value package with items valued up to $22.

Children's Ultimate Combo A/B: 

Offer your guests a selection of party piece favorites by offering items from package A or B at $14 or $18 per child + 15% service fee (Minimum of 8 guests) 

Children's Package C: 

Offer your guests a selection of party BANK and PLAQUE favorites by offering items from our larger collections at $24 per child + 15% service fee (Minimum of 8 guests)

  • Recommended for ages 8 & older.
  • Larger pieces up to 9" long/tall.  Sports, animal, food, princesses, word plaques, and more.
  • Value package with items valued up to $26.

Clay Charms Pop Parties (Key Chais or Necklaces):  

Offer your guests this new party favorite Choose from these 3 kids favorites. All 3 options include 3 interchangeable charms. a selection of 50 colors of clay, and a customized handprint plate. Recommended for ages 6 & older.

Necklace or Bracelet: $24

Military Tag Necklace: $24

Key Chain / Backpack Pull: $18