accent wheel2wheel throwingLearn how to create your own clay pieces at one of our wheel throwing experiences.  No experience necessary!  

Choose from either a Wheel Throwing  101 Class during a 50-60 minute workshop to learn the basics of wheel throwing or as a refresher course with great exposure to the wheel, tools, and glazes.... or partake in a Six Session Workshop (12 hours) on the wheel to learn about making different shapes, handles, designs, trimming, and more!

Wheel throwing is a great activity for children (ages 9 & up) and adults. Each student will create a clay masterpiece and return in ~14 days later to glaze their masterpiece  at no additional fee (studio time, glazes, and firing included).  Don't forget to return to the studio a 3rd time to pick up your painted items!! You will havd 30 days to pick up your items once they have been fired.


  • Must book your Wheel 101 Classes online
  • Must be at least 9 years old to take the class. no exceptions.
  • No guests/observers may stand and watch the class based on limited space in the studio.
  • You MUST sign up and pay in full (or provide voucher redemption code at time of reservation) for all classes prior to the class.
  • No walk ins allowed for Wheel 101 Lessons
  • Show up 10 minutes early for class
  • To cancel or change your lesson time, you must do so > 24 hours in advance or forfeit your payment in its entirety
  • A minimum of 1 clay creation will be made.
  • No additional fee for the glaze/fire for the first creation.
  • If you make a second creation during your lesson, and want to keep the creation, there will be an additional fee of $5 to glaze/fire the second item. $5 will be due at the conclusion of your lesson.
  • Return to glaze your creation(s) 2-4 weeks later at your leisure, preferably M-F.
  • Will keep creations in studio for only 30 days once it has been fired and awaits your return to glaze.
  • Long hair should be tied back and remove any hand jewelry.      
  • Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty.  Lighter clay 'usually' does not stain.
  • Remove hand jewelry before going on the wheel - it will get dirty! (e.g., rings, bracelets)  

Experienced?? Come in on your own without instructors for $55 an hour per person including clay, glaze and  firing. Call ahead to schedule a time and to ensure the wheels are open!  No walk ins allowed. Must have taken a Clay Monet wheel 101 class and scheduled a session with studio owner to review the wheel procedures and demonstrate skills and ability before use our equipment (including clean up, and clay recycling processes). C

Attention All Clay Customers:  Clay creations must dry up to 7 to 10 days before bisque firing and before glazing. Return to glaze creations in 2 to 3 weeks after receiving a call or text from us.. Complete process from start to finished creation may take up to 1 month before the items are ready to be picked up.  Clay Monet is not responsible for the outcome of sculpted or wheel thrown items created outside of an instructor lead and during an instructor lead scheduled class or due to clay gases causing disruption of the clay integrity or improper thickness of creation (holes/cracking). Clay will be clay and is unpredictiable. 

Private Wheel Throwing 101 Class - $55 pp  available for one or two people booking together for a one hour wheel throwing lesson. Please call the studio to schedule. 

Small Group Wheel Throwing 101 Class for 3-6 people - $40 pp available by making a reservation for a small group outing or you may sign up individually by attending one of our Wheel 101 classes.  *For groups of 6 or more, see our Parties tab for a discounted party rate of $40 pp including a 6" tile (a $12 value), 30 minute wheel experience, and return to paint 2 - 3 weeks later individually or again as a group.  Please call the studio to schedule your small group party (no vouchers may be used for this class).  

Wheel Throwing 101 Classes - $40 pp  Please call the studio to schedule and join one of our Wheel 101 classes. Class size is limited to no more than 4-6 participants at a time. Must enroll online.  Weekend class sessions are very limited or even not scheduled during busy party planning months. (November - May)   Click Here to Enroll

(See "Schedule Now" online booking tool, selected the 'classes' option on the middle of the page to view available dates and times for wheel throwing 101 classes. Each reservation is good for 1 or 2 people, please specify the number of people for your reservation and include any coupon or discount voucher you wish to redeem. Price is $40 per person.)

Six Session Wheel Throwing Workshop - $225 pp

Two hour workshops for six two-hour sessions for ages 12 & up. Classes include 12 lbs. of clay, wheel instruction, tools, glaze, and firing fees. Learn centering on wheel, opening, pulling, shaping, trimming and glazing. Throw for 4-5 sessions and glaze for 1 session or on your own time and leisure in our studio during open business hours. Class size must be between 4 - 6 students or will be rescheduled. (Great activity to do with friends or family!)  Click Here to Enroll

Tween/Teen Wheel Throwing Camp + Painting2 - $100 pp

Join the club behind the wheel. Learn the basics of wheel throwing over the summer.

Enjoy 4 hours behind the wheel/working with clay (2 hours each of the 2 days). Plus paint $40 of ceramics of your choice after your clay session. ($40 total between the two days or $20 each day). And then it doesn’t stop there—choose any day to return to paint your clay creations (2-3 weeks later). Take the one sessions. Like it? Take a second session! (12 hours total of Clay Monet Camp time).

Please have your child pack their own sack lunch and beverage. Ages 9 & up.

Enrolling Now for Spring Break Sessions.... Click Schedule Now, and select "Workshops" to view availability.

Boy Scout & Girl Scout Wheel Throwing ($25 per scout - >50% savings on regular price of $40 pp wheel and $12 pp tile)  These Scout Sessions include all badge requirements:

  • One 90 minute sessions in the studio (3 hours total) with a degreed professional instructor who willl teach the scouts about clay and tools we use, and the glazing/firing process.  
  • Boy or Girl Scouts: 45 minutes on the wheel and 30 minutes to paint a tile (etching techniques) plus another 90 minute session 2 weeks later in the studio to return to paint your clay masterpiece.
  • Class size minimum 6 - maximum 20
  • Please call the studio to schedule.  MUST be held on weekdays only.  CASH or CHECK only.
  • Special pricing is for scouts only (siblings welcome but are not eligible for the > 50% discounted rate)

For classes that meet boy scout merit badge requirements, see the sculpting tab. 




YOUR CLASS:  Each session will require 3 trips to our studio:  #1) for the lesson, #2) to paint/glaze your pots, and #3) return to pick up your finished masterpieces.   Each wheel throwing lesson includes ONE 50 minute lesson on the wheel where you will create at least one pot/vase/bowl out of clay. A second pot may be thrown on the wheel, time permitting, for an additional $5.  We will let your pot dry for up to 10 days, fire it in the kiln, and then call/text you that your pots are ready to be painted/glazed.  You will have 30 days to return to the studio to paint/glaze your pots choosing from over 80 colors and styles of glaze.  We will then fire your painted/glazed pots one final time.  Lastly, after about 7 to 10 days, you will be texted/called when your masterpiece(s) are ready for pick up.  You will have 30 days to pick up your items.  Unclaimed items may be donated/discarded after 30 days. 


RESERVATION PROCESS:  Make ONE reservation online (ONE reservation will hold the class for ONE or TWO people when using ONE reservation.  Be sure to note in the reservation that you are making a reservation for ONE or TWO people attending the class. To write a note, select 'add a message', message that you have  ONE or MORE people.   A 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all wheel participants when cancelling for any reason within 24 hours of the class.  

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